Business partner search in Russia

Find the right partner to unlock your potential

Business partner search in Russia

Find the right partner to unlock your potential

by GNC.Group
Partnering up with Russian companies is one of the easiest ways to gain presence on the market. GNC partner search will allow you to find a partner who will be as interested in your business as you are, one that will help you – not slow you down.

The step by step procedure of our partner search will give you full control of the project’s progress.

We will first compile an ideal partner profile, taking into account all of your requirements, including company size, distribution agreements with competitors, complimentary products in the portfolio, etc.

GNC Group consultants will then identify potential partners or clients that correspond to the specified criteria. You will go through the list to approve or reject selected prospects.

Once we receive your comments, we will contact the approved companies on your behalf to qualify their interest. By the end of this stage, you will receive a detailed report with market feedback and profiles of interested prospects.

Finally, GNC Group will set up face to face meetings with interested companies which are, more importantly, interesting for your business.

The consultant in charge of the project will accompany you to all the meetings in order to facilitate interaction between you and your counterparty by interpreting, mediating and providing market and cultural context. Find more about our market visit services.

In case the partner search results are not sufficient enough to merit traveling to Russia, or require extensive resources, GNC consultants will attend meetings on your behalf. Alternatively, we can organize teleconferences and Skype calls with prospective partners to discuss opportunities for cooperation.

partner in Russia
Partner search Russia
partner search Russia

Service details

We do the maximum for you to get a perfect partner to explore the Russian market.

  • Ideal partner definition
  • Initial list of targets
  • Approval of the initial list
  • Contacting selected targets
  • Detailed report
  • Setting up meetings

1 to 4 months

Starting from 4 mandays

partner search in Russia

Find out how we can help you find a perfect partner in the Russian market.