We erase the language barrier

Interpreting and translation services in Russia

We erase the language barrier

Interpreting and translation services in Russia

by GNC.Group
In the course of international expansion, many companies face difficulties which arise from inaccurate translations that do not clearly and concisely communicate the marketing message and identity of the brand. Poor interpreting tremendously damages communication. GNC professional interpreting and translation services will not let the language barrier challenge your future on the Russian market.

Many Russian businessmen do speak English, but they do not like to speak it for important matters, preferring the confidence and precision of their native language. As such, there is a significant possibility that you will have to communicate via an interpreter. Here is where our interpreting services come in.

Talking with people from other cultures can be a difficult task. In Russia particularly it is not always possible to understand what Russians mean. It can happen that they seem to be laughing inexplicably; you may get confused for example as to why they find the years 1992 and 2008 so remarkable. Don’t worry. We will provide you with the cultural and historical background you need; fill you in on the context of the professional market; and provide negotiation support 100% of the way.

GNC Group Russia also offers written translation services. We can deliver an accurate translation of technical texts; marketing materials are translated in accordance with cultural nuances and context. We don’t just translate the word but the spirit of the text as well. In that way your text is guaranteed to resonate with your target audience in Russia as efficiently as the text of the original.

We translate to and from Russian, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Simply submit you text to receive a quote. We guarantee full confidentiality with all submitted materials.

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Service details

GNC Russia provide interpreting services extended to market context and cultural background explanation.

Our professional translation of written texts from technical documents and contracts to marketing materials saves time and cost.

We offer:

  • Quality translation by qualified professionals
  • Proofing & typographic checks
  • Advice and consultation

From 1 day

Hourly and daily rates for interpreting.

Per-syllable or per-page rates depending on the nature of text.


Rely on our professional interpreters and translators to provide accurate texts, colloquially prepared for your target audience.