Find your way to the Russian market

Market entry strategy development

Find your way to the Russian market

Market entry strategy development

by GNC.Group
GNC Russia supports you in expanding your business to Russia, identifying the optimal market entry strategy, reducing your risks and improving the competitiveness of your business.

Our market entry strategy development service encompasses thorough market study coupled with practical advice for your business set-up.

There are many possible ways to get to the Russian market: from finding a distributor, to opening an office or licensing. The right one for you depends on your product and on the customs of the market in the specific industry.

Once we have studied the market, we come up with possible market entry strategies, detailing all the pros and cons for your consideration. GNC strategy consultants identify the optimal distribution channel depending on your business traits and your objectives.

Customer needs and consumer behavior differ from one county to another. That is why successfully entering the Russian market often takes much more than translating product descriptions. Our marketing consultants recommend whether your products need to be adapted to the market and if yes, in what way.

We complete brand image analysis and, using our knowledge of consumption habits, we identify the niches you must target in order to achieve your full potential in the Russian market.

market entry strategy development
Russian market entry strategy

Service details

The first stage of the service is market research. The second stage of the service is giving professional advice on the different aspects of expanding your business in Russia, including but not limited to:

  • efficient distribution channels
  • niche market opportunities
  • adapting the product or service to the new market
  • ways of increasing brand awareness
  • techniques for cost reduction
  • dealing with certification and logistics
  • presenting business opportunities

1 to 5 weeks depending on the industry sector

Starting from 3 mandays

Russian market entry strategy

Find out how to overcome the barriers on your way to the Russian market.