Russian market consulting company

Challenges should not be an obstacle to opportunity

Russian market consulting company

Challenges should not be an obstacle to opportunity

by GNC.Group

Who we are

GNC Group is a Russian market consulting company assisting foreign businesses in entering and improving their performance in the Russian market.

Our consultants have worked for private and public international trade institutions for many years. They have accumulated vast experience in dealing with foreign companies and acquired profound knowledge of the Russian business environment. It allowed us to create an honest and transparent company that offers high quality Russian market consulting services at a reasonable price.

Russian market consulting

What you’ve been waiting for

Has your domestic market become too small for you? Are you looking for new export opportunities? Then look no further! Russia has a lot to offer!

How long have you been tempted by the market of the biggest country in the world and hesitated about moving forward? Was it because you were not sure whether the market had enough potential and was worth investing into? Was it because you didn’t know how to tackle it? Or maybe it was because you didn’t have the right distributor or representative?

The time has come, GNC Group will lead you through the challenges of doing business in Russia.

What we can do for you

No matter what country you are from and what market sector or industry you are in, we are dedicated to enable your company to enter the Russian market.

Count upon GNC to deal with the language barrier, guide you through legislative and administrative subtleties and help you localize your products and services.

GNC on-the-ground presence will save you money and will allow you to gain full control of the project development. You will be in direct communication with the manager who is your eyes and ears in the Russian market.

Russian market consulting
Doing business with GNC

Doing business with GNC Group is easy. Our project agreements are simple and straight forward, and in most cases we start the work within a few days. We present our capabilities honestly and we keep our commitments.

Russian market consulting
Our core values

A clear set of values helps us retain clients’ confidence and trust. All our actions are driven by integrity, honesty, professionalism, client’s interests, strategic thinking and partnership both internal and external.

Russian market consulting
Strategy plus implementation

GNC Russia is an international trade consulting company providing tailored strategic advisory, developing fieldwork solutions and translating the strategy into practice on clients’ behalf until they see tangible results.

A one-stop company to take your business to the Russian market

Conducting surveys, collecting and analyzing official data and insider information we offer our clients substantiated responses establishing an essential support in decision making in the Russian market.


Blending knowledge of the local market with understanding of the global business environment, we provide effective and practical solutions for entering the Russian market and growing sales there.


From partner search and follow-up calls to opening an office and personnel recruitment, count on us to undertake all the actions necessary for your success in the Russian market.