Russian market research - your first step to Russia

To export or not to export?

Russian market research - your first step to Russia

To export or not to export?

by GNC.Group
GNC offers custom-made Russian market research, providing accurate data and insider information. Our invaluable insight into the market allows our clients to make educated, strategic decisions in the Russian market.

We use a wide range of instruments and data sources for our Russian market research, including the Official State Statistics Service, the Customs ServiceĀ  and numerous industrial and trade associations. We offer both desk and field research – our specialists study professional media articles, examine business databases, and conduct interviews with market experts in order to get the insider insight that your business needs.

At GNC Group, we do not simply compile pieces of statistics and reformulate existing market analyses. Instead we pride ourselves on looking for the answers to your company’s problems, taking into acount your product, your objectives and your experience in international trade.

GNC analysts assess the Russian market risks and opportunities for your company. We evaluate its potential for your products, their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, our market research always undertakes a thorough SWOT analysis, allowing you to make a carefully weighed decision as whether or not to export to Russia.

Russian market research
Russian market research
Service details

Depending on industry, we offer our clients custom-made solutions that respond to their queries and concerns. Our standard Russian market research service helps to:

  • assess market size and its potential
  • evaluate import and local production volumes
  • study market trends
  • outline the competitive landscape
  • identify key customers and distribution channels
  • explore certification requirements and customs regulations

1 week to 3 months depending on industry and depth of analysis

Starting from 3 mandays

In case research findings demonstrate Russian market attractiveness we can move forward to developing market entry strategy and partner search.

Russian market research

Find out how we combine the Russian market knowledge with analytics expertise to help our clients improve their results.