Find out who you are dealing with

Client background check

Find out who you are dealing with

Client background check

by GNC.Group
Are there any Russian companies soliciting you? Trust us to perform the background check you need in confidence that we will find out whether or not they merit your attention.

For each company building a relationship with a new client requires a certain investment of time, effort and even money. Failing in a relationship means losing an investment. The background check is therefore vital, especially when the client comes from another country. After all, should disputes arise, different jurisdictions and court systems do not simplify legal proceedings which would follow.

Our background check will help you identify false businesses, potential non-payers, highly litigant clients and other high-risk companies you should eliminate from your customer base.

GNC Group consultants will anonymously confirm the client’s identity, verify their registration documents, scan references, assess reviews and provide a full report on their activities, financial results and judiciary history. We can also contact your Russian counterparty on your behalf to ask any question you may have.

By screening a client, you eliminate a risk factor from your business, improving your chances of having a profitable venture in the Russian Federation.

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Service details

GNC Russia will help you answer the following questions about your prospect:

  • Is the company legitimately registered?
  • How long does it exist?
  • Who is it owned and managed by?
  • How big is it?
  • Does it experience any financial difficulties?
  • Are there any other related companies?
  • Do they work with any competitors?
  • Are they themselves manufacturers chasing after your technology?

Starting from 24 hours

Starting from 1 manday

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Assign us the task of researching and compiling viable commercial data and financial records for your potential client or partner in the Russian market.